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Dominant seventh chords will almost always be good substitute chords to utilize when you are searching for a blues sound on guitar; some of the printed music can have the chords of your song as major chords you can definitely the tune has a blues 'feel' the chords probably will be dominant seventh chords. blues chord progression

Let's take a look at a sample 12 bar blues progression written exclusively as major chords.

Progression #1:

C /// | F /// | C /// | C /// |

F /// | F /// | C /// | C /// |

G /// | G /// | C /// | G7/// || C (before)

Now here is the same progression using dominant seventh chords:

Progression #2:

C7 /// | F7/// | C7/// | C7/// |

F7 /// | F7/// | C7/// | C7/// |

G7 /// | G7/// | C7/// | G7/// || C7 (before)

Because there is so many ways to alter dominant seventh chords it could be a difficult choice to decide the very best type of dominant seventh on your musical application.

Within this next blues progression I'm featuring the dominant seventh with a sharpened ninth. (one of Jimi Hendrix's favorite sounds).

Progression #3:

C7#9 /// | F7#9/// | C7#9/// | C7#9/// |

F7#9 /// | F7#9/// | C7#9/// | C7#9/// |

G7#9 /// | G7#9/// | C7#9/// | G7#9/// || C7#9 (last time)

The dominant seventh having a sharpened ninth produces a lot of musical tension and so can be very useful for blues based material.

This time I'm only planning to use the C7#9 to create musical tension in bar five show them the 'F' chord.

Progression #4:

C7 /// | F7/// | C7/// | C7#9/// |

F7 /// | F7/// | C7/// | C7/// |

G7 /// | G7/// | C7/// | G7/// || C7 (before)

How about a dominant seventh having a sharpened eleventh?

This chord would be written as: C+11 or C#11

The C+11 would offer the following 1, 3, natural 5, b7,9,+11

I've specifically indicated that the fifth is a natural fifth since the +11 (sharp 11) you may also have thought of as a flattened fifth note.

And so the notes in a C+11 chord can be: C,E,G,Bb,D & F#

C+11 = C,E,G,Bb,D,F#

F+11 = F,A,C,Eb,G,B

G+11 = G,B,D,F,A,C#

Progression #5:

C+11 /// | F+11/// | C+11/// | C+11/// |

F+11 /// | F+11/// | C+11/// | C+11/// |

G+11 /// | G+11/// | C+11/// | G+11/// || C+11 (last time)

You may find some of these sounds usual in the beginning but as your ear becomes used to the new harmonies I'm sure you can find them very useful for creating interesting musical backgrounds for your tunes. blues chord progression

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